Irina Nikolayevna Ivanova

Irina Nikolayevna Ivanova

Irina N. Ivanova, Associate Professor

Irina N. Ivanova graduated the medical department of Tyumen State Medical Academy in 1995.

During the period from 1995 to 1996, Irina N. Ivanova studied psychiatry as an intern at the department of Psychiatry, Addictionology and Psychotherapy of the Advanced Training and Professional Development under the guidance of Doctor of Medicine, professor Umansky S.M.

In 2004, Irina N. Ivanova was certified in psychiatry at the same department under the supervision of S.M. Umansky.

In 1999, Irina N. Ivanova entered the extramural postgraduate education in psychiatry under the supervision of S.M. Umansky.

In June, 2005 Irina N. Ivanova successfully defended her candidate dissertation in Tomsk Scientific and Research Centre of Mental Health of the Siberian branch of the RAMS.

Since 1998, Irina N. Ivanova has been working as a doctor psychiatrist in the department of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy of Tyumen regional state-financed health institution “Regional clinical mental hospital”.

In 2006, Irina N. Ivanova was appointed a teaching assistant and worked at the department of clinical and legal psychology in the Institute of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Sciences of TSU (Tyumen State University) till 2011. In 2009, the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles confirmed Irina N. Ivanova’s title of an associate professor.

Through the years of working in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Irina N. Ivanova has gained experience and practice with different patient populations in the field of psychotherapy. She manages to combine practical and scientific work.

Since 2011, Irina N. Ivanova has been Associate Professor, Doctor of Med. Sc. at the department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Psychotherapy of the Advanced Training and Professional Development. Irina N. Ivanova has seminars in psychiatry and psychotherapy with interns and attending physicians at TSMA.

Irina N. Ivanova has 34 published scientific articles, 4 manual recommendations, 3 monographs devoted to psychopathology and psychotherapy in the puberty period (one of the monographs is internationally recognized).

Since 2008, I.N. Ivanova has been working on her doctorate dissertation entitled “Borderline neuro-mental disorders of psychosomatic diseases in the infantile period (clinical-dynamic, therapeutical-rehabilitative aspects)”.

In 2016 I.N. Ivanova is to defend her doctorate dissertation in the Mental Health Research Centre department, Siberian Branch of the RAMS in Tomsk. Her working experience amounts to14 years.

Since 2010, Irina N. Ivanova has been a member of Tyumen Regional Association of Psychiatrists, Narcologists and Psychotherapists.